Liebherr LTR1040

The LTR 1040 is a lightweight version of the LTR 1060. The main difference to the LTR 1060 is the significantly reduced ballast – the LTR 1040 weighs in at a total of 20 tonnes less. Part of the central ballast is missing from the chassis whilst additional counterweights have been removed from the slewing platform. This crane model therefore delivers outstanding value for money in the 40 tonne class – its lifting capacities up to a medium radius significantly surpass those of its competitors and its 40 metre telescopic boom is around 30 percent longer than the standard in the class. This is particularly beneficial for installing components, one of the main areas of work for telescopic crawler cranes. This means that most crane jobs can be carried out without a folding jib. It also means that the smallest Liebherr telescopic crawler crane delivers outstanding lifting capacities. And what’s more, contractors can upgrade LTR 1040 to make it into an LTR 1060 retrospectively if required.

Additional Information

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Product Description

Excellent transport

With a width of just 3 metres and a minimal transport width of just 38.5 t, the complete crane will fit on a standard low loader so that it can be transported at relatively low cost.

Fast and safe

The installation of additional equipment has been designed for speed, safety and convenience.

At home everywhere

Thanks to the great manoeuvrability of the crawler travel gear and its compact dimensions, the crane is perfectly at home on any terrain.

Totally mobile

The crane can be moved safely on site with a load on the hook – the pick and carry principle.

Safe at an angle

The telescopic crawler crane can complete its work safely even on terrain slopes of up to 4°.

Little mountain climber

Gradients of up to 46 % are not an obstacle for the LTR.


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