Smarter SMQ250A

Hefei Smarter SMQ250A is a 25 ton Telescopic Crawler Crane.

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Product Description

Item Unit Amount
Max. lifting capacity t 25
Boom length m 10.2-30
Jib length m 6.5
Max. length of Boom + jib m 30+6.5
Crane boom angle range ° -2~80
Working Steel rope speed Hoisting m/min 99
speed Dropping m/min 99
Circumgyrate speed r/min 0~1.8
Travel speed Km/h 0~3.9
main hoist multiple t 4(single rope)
Gradeability % 40
Engine rating output power/ rotate speed Kw/rpm 132/2200
Overall weight t 38
Counterweight t 10
Overall dimensions mm 12955X4200X3000
Ground pressure Kg/cm2 0.7


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