Comansa 21CM335

The 21CM335 model is available in two versions with a maximum load of 12 or 20 tonnes. Its maximum radius is 74 metres, and thanks to the COMANSA modular system it has a wide variety of jib lengths, every 4 or 6 metres.

Like the other Comansa flat-top cranes, it comes equipped with a double trolley system with automatic reeving switchover, allowing the operator to choose the most productive option for every situation:

  • When the crane needs to move its maximum load, it works with the double trolley
  • When the maximum jib-end load is required, the crane only works with the front trolley and at the maximum speed.

To help manage rental fleets and keep structural investments to a minimum, this crane shares jib parts with the 21CM450 and 21CM550 models, also in the 2100 Series.

The Comansa panoramic cab comes standard equipped in this model, which is exclusively available in Asia, Oceania, Africa, the Middle East and South America.

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