Demag LC300

Demag LC300 is a 300-tonne crawler crane that has been manufactured in Jinan, China, which was at one of the plants of Terex. However, it is noted that this crane has been shelved and there isn’t much information about the crane. There was news in November 2016 on the development of the crane, but then there was no further updates on it. The crane is aimed at contractors on heavy civil infrastructure jobs, especially bridge construction, as well as Petrochemical, power plant and wind turbine applications.

demag lc300


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Product Description

Details on the new model, which will be built at the Terex plant in Jinan, China, are limited at this stage but the unit will have a 1,810 tonne/metre load moment maximum boom length is 84 metres, and longest luffing jib 72 metres. The full jib can be added to up 60 metres of main boom to achieve the maximum system length of 132 metres.

The crane also features a new counterweight tray design which consists in two stacks of slabs on each side of the superstructure – one behind the other – in order to reduce counterweight stack height and lower the crane’s centre of gravity. The design also eliminates the need for a central ballast and improves counterweight assembly efficiency –with the maximum lift required from an assist crane being 10 tonnes- although Terex says that it can full self rig with up to 54 metres of boom.

The new design is also said to help with speed up the adjustment of counterweights based on boom configuration and required load chart. Counterweight slabs are interchangeable with all Terex and Demag cranes built since 1998. Including Demag AC telescopics of 500 tonnes and above.
The LC300 can self unload and install its tracks, all through a standard remote controller. The crane has been designed from scratch with built in fall protection systems for safe boom assembly and disassembly.

The smaller boom and jib sections can stow inside the larger ones for more efficient transport and all include lifting on the lower chords and can be fitted with stacking blocks for efficient storage. The cab is said to be more than wide enough for two operators, and features two operating screens – one displaying engine, winches and crane settings, while the other shows the IC-1 Load Moment Indicator.



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