Kobelco BMS1200HD

In order to meet the increasing demands for foundation machines in the world, Kobelco Cranes has launched the new BMS1200HD, a 120 tonnes heavy duty lattice boom crawler crane for foundation use. The machine is the successor to the BM1200, which was first introduced in 1991. The crawler crane can be used for conventional lifting crane or mounted onto a barge for foundation and / or lifting operations.

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The new model is equipped with high-performance winches that offer up to 314 kN of line pull on the main winch and auxiliary winch with 36 mm diameter rope. The 3rd winch has a rated line pull of 132 kN. Kobelco mentioned that its line speed offered by the winching system on the first layer is twice as fast as those offered by its competitors.

According to Kobelco, the crane has a high spooling capacity that makes deep excavation possible while working from the first layer, which has the advantages of increasing the lifespan of the wire rope to reduce running costs and improving on site efficiency.

The design of the crane has focused on ensuring it could work with a number of different attachments, including clamshell bucket, diaphragm wall-bucket, hammer grab bucket, oscillator casing drive and rotator casing drive up to 3 metres in diameter, fly-drilling from 1.5 to 5.5 metres in diameter and vibro hammer by centrifugal force and from 700 to 1624 kN.

While the overall operating weight is 120 tonnes, presenting some issues for transportation, Kobelco has worked to minimise the weight of the base machine to 46.9 tonnes.

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