Ormig 30 iE

Ormig 30 iE is a 30-tonne rated capacity electric pick & carry crane.

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Product Description

  •  Lifting capacity: at 1 m from front plate DIN 30t SAE 33t
  •  Front drive
  •  Electric motor: 2 da 15 kW
  •  Hydraulic and services motor: 25 kW
  •  Power source: 96 Volt 1240 Ah
  •  Boom length: 12m
  •  Boom height: 8m
  •  Road certification
  •  Weight: 19 ton

Basic Machine is composed of:

  •  ORMIG frame – 4×2 traction.
  •  N. 2 electric motors, for translation from about 15 kW, 96 V, with electronic control to allow steering on the machine axis.
  •  Fixed front engine axle composed of two independent wheel groups with electronic differential – Steering rear axle
  •  No. 4 cushion twin wheels on the front axle and n. 2 cushion wheels on the rear axle 854 320 600
  •  Side-mounted driver’s cab, closed, designed and built to allow the operator maximum visibility, digital instrumentation, anatomic and adjustable seat, control of hydraulic movements by means of multiple electronic levers with the device against accidental operation, rear-view mirrors, windshield wipers
  •  Hydraulic arm with three sections, extraction obtained through n. 2 double-acting hydraulic cylinders – double-acting hydraulic cylinder for lifting the arm.
  •  Hydraulic winch with automatic brake, rope, end stop and hook with block.
  •  The electrical system approved for road circulation is complete with headlights, rear lights and rotating lights.
  •  Hydraulic system powered by a variable displacement pump, capacity 340 l, connected to the electric motor to c.a. from 25 kW
  •  Lead acid accumulators, voltage 96V, capacity 1240A / h
  •  Brakes in compliance with EEC standards, service brake with servo-assisted pedal control, mechanical spring-applied parking brake acting on the front wheels with control via electric selector
  •  An electronic anti-tipping device with locking functions that increase the dangerous situations according to the directives in force
  •  Weight in transport position around 19.800 kg
  •   Accessories.

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