Comansa 11LC132

Unlike the 11LC90 model (and the cranes in the 500 Series), the 11LC132 flat-top crane is assembled on a larger 1.6-metre-wide tower section, allowing it to reach taller free-standing heights and a longer jib length of up to 60 metres.

The 11LC132 is available in versions with maximum loads of 5 or 6 tonnes. Both have a maximum load of up to 1,200 kg at 60 metres of reach, plus 10% using the PowerLift system. The hoist motors of the 6-tonne version, both the standard and optional versions, feature the Effi-Plus system that lets the crane reach high speeds with better performance.

The 6-tonne version comes standard equipped with the panoramic cab, while this feature is optional for the 5-tonne version.

thumbnail of 11LC132-5_spec_mt_en_vDS165001
Metric, EN (5 ton)
thumbnail of 11LC132-5_spec_mt_en_vDS182311
Metric, EN (5 ton)
thumbnail of 11LC132-6_spec_mt_en_vDS165002
Metric, EN (6 ton)
thumbnail of 11LC132-6_spec_mt_en_vDS182312
Metric, EN (6 ton)

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