Liebherr LTM1130-5.1

Liebherr has launched LTM1130-5.1, a 130-ton mobile crane at Liebherr Ehingen factory during its Customer Days in June 2006. It was the fifth 5-axle model introduced by Liebherr in the last two years. Till date, it has been delivered to almost 70 countries.

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The Liebherr LTM 1130-5.1 features 60 metres, six sections, oviform telescoping main boom with duties from 130 tonnes at 3 metres radius to 1.9 tonnes at 56m radius and with an under-hook height maximum of just under 60 metres. When rigged with the full counterweight,  rigged, the crane can lift a maximum of 1.2 tonnes at a radius of 68 metres.

The LTM 1130-5.1 has a Liebherr-made carrier engine developing 370kW, a12-speed automatic gearbox, hydropneumatic suspension, disc brakes all round and active rear axle steering for extreme manoeuvrability. The crane engine, again, is made by Liebherr and produces 145kW. The electric load-sensing control provides simultaneous operation of four working motions via twin self-centering joysticks located in the operator’s seat armrests.

At the MaskinExpo taken place in May 2014, Liebherr has presented the LTM1130-5.1 with the new VarioBase system, which they have already introduced to the market at Bauma 2013 in Munich, Germany.

Using this new technology, the LTM 1130-5.1 will have better flexibility to work on job sites with difficult, constricted conditions. The Variable Supporting Base ensures higher lifting capacities and a larger working range, even with maximum support based.


Liebherr delivered 10,000th LTM 1130-5.2 to Alfred Trepka in July 2016

The LTM 1130-5.1 will be Trepja’s largest crane and they have ordered the crane with VarioBase variable support base for greater flexibility and safety, particularly in constricted site conditions.

Southern Crane & Access bought UK’s first LTM1130-5.1 with new VarioBase technology in Feb 2014

As mentioned by Southern Cranes & Access managing director Clive Sadler, the use of the Variable Supporting Base leads to improved levels of safety during lifting operations; the crane operator will know exactly how much weight can be lifted in any given circumstance and offers us a greater flexibility of offer their customers the ability to plan lifts in previously difficult or dangerous environments.