Tadano AR1000M

Tadano saw the booming market for the all-terrain crane in Japan domestic market and they have a joint venture with Germany Faun to release the first all-terrain crane manufactured – the AR1000M.

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Metric, JA

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During the 1990s, there was a transition of a conventional truck crane to the all-terrain crane in Japan domestic market for large capacity cranes. Tadano saw this opportunity and in order to keep up with the pace in the new trend, they started to make their first all terrain crane for the domestic market. Tadano cooperated with their acquired subsidiary, Faun Gmbh, to release Tadano AR1000M. Faun was responsible for producing the carriers while Tadano uses their expertise in development on the upper structure (superstructure).

AR1000M was awarded in 1993 for its enhanced safety and reliability in 23rd Machine Industry Design prize in 1993. Tadano continued their advancement in all terrain crane region by releasing their second all-terrain crane, AR2000M in 1994.