XCMG has displayed the new XCA100E, 100-tonne all terrain crane during 2016 Bauma show held in Munich, Germany. The crane is designed in accordance with EN13000, FEM and is CE and E-mark approved.

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The XCA100E development started as early as 2014,  undergo intensive testing at XCMG Heavy Engineering Center. Their focus was on one main component – the single retractable hydraulic cylinder. Despite achieving over 10,000 cycles of telescopic testing, it was still far from their goal of 50,000 cycles before the crane breakdown. The failure was largely contributed by the roughness of the parts’ surface and durability of the materials. They did a modification on the crane and carry out consistent testing to ensure their goal has been achieved.


  • Seven-section 60 metre boom
  • Maximum lifting height of 88 metres
  • New developed energy-efficient hydraulic system to reach a steady hoisting speed of 2.5m/min and slewing speed of 0.1°/s
  • In-house designed independent suspension system with 4 steering modes: front-axle steering, rear-axle steering, crab steer and steep turning
  • A minimum turning radius of 7.9m
  • Maximum travelling speed of 80km/h
  • Maximum gradeability of 60%
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