Demag CC2800-2

Like its predecessor, the new Demag CC 2800-2 is extremely versatile: it can be used for infrastructure projects in road and bridge construction as well as erecting wind turbines, and puts in a fine performance in refineries too. Thus, it fully lives up to the reputation of the Demag CC 2800-1 – but the new kid on the block does everything even better than its predecessor, as its transportability was optimized and its handling surpasses that of the older model. Particularly interesting for owners of Demag CC 2800-1 cranes: several components such as the luffing jib or the middle main boom inserts can be used with the successor as well. This enables customers to order the new CC 2800-2 only with the required components and therefore reducing the corresponding capital investment. The basic unit, on the other hand, was adapted to that of the CC 3800-1 and its strong drivetrain was included as well.

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