Kobelco CK2500

Kobelco’s CK 2500 was launched in 2000 as a modified version of the 200t-rated 7200 specifically for customers in the USA, where 15 units were delivered last year.

The CK 2500, rated at 250 US ton originally, has now been harmonised for all markets outside Japan and has been given a European rating of 250t. It was at Bauma in Munich 2001 in the colours of Mammoet Van Seumeren, rigged with 60m boom and full luffing jib of 51.8m. In this configuration it can lift 17.2t at a radius of 19.8m.

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Product Description

The Kobelco CK2500 Crawler Crane is designed from the ground up for reliable operation, convenient maintenance and easy transport. The CK2500 features an all-welded, high tensile strength steel car body, manufactured in a single piece using the latest CAD technologies for unmatched rigidity. The fully hydraulic system that is the heart of the CK2500 Crawler Crane handles any task with smooth-as-silk ease and efficiency: from hoisting loads to swing and propel – not to mention rapid installation and removal of the counterweights and crawler frames.

The turbocharged Mitsubishi engine has a computer-controlled engine speed sensing (ESS) system which coordinates engine speed, hydraulic flow and pressure demand. Like all new crawlers these days, self-assembly is a feature. A comparison chart against the Liebherr LR 1250 and the Manitowoc 999 shows the CK 2500 holding its own on full main boom and outlifting in selected fixed jib and luffing tower combinations.

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