Zoomlion ZTC1500H

Zoomlion ZTC1500H753 truck crane, which makes good use of our several decades’ experience in designing and manufacturing mobile cranes combined with advanced technologies, is a new high-performance product designed and developed to meet the market demands. This high-tech product, combining mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems as a whole, has so many advantages, such as good control performance, excellent micro-positioning performance, great lifting capacity and super lifting height, that it is active in various fields. This product can be widely used in the chemical industry, mining establishments, oil fields, harbours and building sites, etc., except for strong electromagnetic wave areas, to do lifting and erection work.

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*Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for reference only. Contact the crane manufacturer for manuals to operate the crane properly.

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Product Description

This product is a truck crane of full range slewing function, telescopic boom sections and electro-hydraulic proportional controlled systems. The 5-axle (3 axles drive and 3 axles steered) full-width special purpose chassis is manufactured by Zoomlion, providing wide vision, spacious cab and luxurious equipment.

The latest electro-hydraulic proportional directional control valve with a load sensing function, multiple plunger variable pumps and open/closed variable system ensures that each executive mechanism makes full use of its work capability.

Two joysticks can provide the crane with smooth simultaneous movements among “Spool up / reel off main winch / auxiliary winch”, “Derrick”, “Slew” and “Telescope”, which greatly improves the work efficiency. The joysticks are of such advantages as easy-controlled, flexible, reliable and step-less speed regulated etc.

The safety devices, such as relief valve, balancing valve, hydraulic lock and brake valve, etc. in the hydraulic system, are against rupture of pipes and hoses.

The complete lighting systems and the safety devices, such as load moment limiters, can ensure your safety during operation and are convenient for night work.

This crane has a novel style which makes it beautiful in figure, form and in colour.



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