Tadano GR1000XL-2

Tadano releases two new Rough Terrain Crane models, the GR-1000XL-2 and the GR-750XL-2 as second generation of GR series for North American market in February 2011.

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Predecessor/Successor Models

Product Description

While continuously striving to exceed the distinguished level of reliability, simplicity and safety of operation and maintenance, which have already been well proven with our previous models by worldwide customers, Tadano has further refined all corners of the current models, and don‘t forget, focused on Eco-friendliness for our Earth. Balancing is not a solution. That’s why we needed to excel at everything by our latest engineering technology, production and component quality control and test know-how.

Our answers to Eco-friendliness with GR-1000XL-2 and GR-750XL-2 are; Fuel monitoring system, Eco-Mode system, Positive Control System which automatically adjusts the pump output at the engine idle condition in the most efficient way to reduce the fuel consumption. Furthermore, GR-1000XL-2 and GR-750XL-2 are equipped with newly developed automatic moment limiter (AML) for better operator ergonomics and functions. For safety, Tadano have adopted non-slip flat carrier deck and lengthy wide ladder steps allowing the operator to access easily and safely.

GR-1000XL-2 and GR-750XL-2 are now equipped with Satellite / Web coordinated reporting system named Hello-Net as a standard item which have been proven well with our Japanese customers. By utilising Hello-Net system, customers are able to monitor their cranes timely and manage each of their cranes visually even in the office. Thus, it helps to draw more efficiency and productivity of your company operation. We believe our GR-1000XL-2 and GR-750XL-2 to be the next generation series will satisfy customers needs at high level and contribute to the global environment.

Crane Performance Features

  • 154.2ft (47m) long new round shaped boom constructed of new high grade high tensile steel
  • Self-rigging counterweight system
  • Increased lifting capacity thanks to new high tensile steel used for bi-fold fly jib
  • New moment limiter (AML-C model) for improved machine operability, visibility and accuracy
  • Improved lifting capacities in the crane strength area thanks to the new design chassis frame
  • Automatic outrigger length detection system for safety
  • Non-symmetrical outrigger extension control system to draw the maximum performance of the crane
  • 4(four) different outrigger extension
  • Automatic speed reduction and Soft stop function on boom elevation down and swing for safety
  • Jib set up and stow assist cylinder for safety

Environment Measures

  • Positive control system : When engine is idle while crane is in use, fuel consumption is reduced by Maximum 20% compared from current models as a result of reviewing the hydraulic pump discharge and the hydraulic circuit layout
  • Eco-Mode : Operator is able to select three operation modes, (Normal), (Eco-Mode 1) and (Eco-Mode 2). When Eco-Mode 2 is selected, fuel consumption for crane operation is reduced by maximum 30% compared from normal models
  • Engine : Tier 4 interim complied engine, 2011 USA exhaust emission control (Tier 3 complied engine allowed under the compliance program)

Telematics Crane Management System

  • via communications satellite (Hello-Net Owner’s Site)
  • Satellite / Web coordinated reporting system (Equipped as standard)
  • Crane management data such as location of the crane, operating conditions, working hours, mileage, frequency of overloaded of lifts, etc. can be checked through our Hello-Net Owner Site on the internet via communications satellite
  • Customer can check the frequency of the work load of each crane and to find the suitable rental plan in ahead as well as maintenance program
  • Hello-Net Owners Site helps keeping track of maintenance record

Spec No.:

  • North America
    • GR-1000-2-00103 – 154.2′(47m) boom , 58.1′(17.7m) jib , Self-removable counterweight , Tier3
    • GR-1000-2-00201 – 154.2′(47m) boom , 58.1′(17.7m) jib , Self-removable counterweight , Tier4i
  • South America / South Africa
    • GR-1000-2-00104 – 154.2′(47m) boom , 58.1′(17.7m) jib , Removable counterweight , Tier2 level

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