Demag AC60

Demag (Terex) extended their city crane concept with the launch of a compact 60 tonnes capacity, nose-down styled AC 60. The four-axle was shown for the first time in Bauma 2001 in Munich.


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The AC 60 was said to be the most compact carrier in its class, which at 8.20 metres less than even three-axle Compact Truck models, although it does have a slight boom overhand, giving it an overall length of 9.88 metres. The eight section boom extends to 50 metres, and with 13 metres extension, it is possible to achieve an impressive maximum tip height of 63 metres.

With an engine rating of 295 kW, the crane is fast, manoeuvrable and powerful both on site and on the road. The standard all-wheel steering system with crab control gives the AC60 the smallest turning radius of then 60 tonnes mobile crane on the market.

All-wheel drive was offered as an option and two-seater cabin (inline, rather than side by side) is also available. The two-seater cabin is designed to satisfy union requirements of certain territories.

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