Grove GMK4100S

Grove GMK4100S is a special crane for work inside halls and industrial buildings. It has a shortened boom with a reinforced extension cylinder for placing heavy loads under the ceiling. It offers the possibility of telescoping with a load of up to 50t, tilting of the boom head and a modified block for work even in areas of very limited spaces, and will also allow lifting and telescoping on a horizontally positioned boom. It is the most compact 100t crane on the market.

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Product Description

  • 100-tonne crane
  • Hydraulically extended boom 8.43 – 35.60 m (hook reach up to 37 m / 8 t, unloading up to 32 m / 4.2 t)
  • Allows telescopic with a load of up to 50t
  • Allows flat lift (32 t per 8 m) and telescopic with a horizontal boom
  • Hydraulic boom head lift for the lowest possible height limitation when lifting under the ceiling
  • Patented GROVE TWIN-LOCKTM boom extension system
  • “O” shape of the GROVE MEGAFORMTM boom
  • Electronic crane control and monitoring by ECOS system
  • GROVE EKS 5 safety device
  • Remote monitoring of CraneSTARTM crane functions and position via the web interface
  • Crane suspension with GROVE MEGATRAKTM
  • Powerful winch and possibly an auxiliary winch *
  • Crane cab of aluminium construction, hydraulically tiltable up to 20 °
  • Counterweight up to 26.1t *, hydraulically mounted
  • Mercedes Benz diesel engines on the chassis and body meet fuel consumption and emissions requirements
  • Daimler Chrysler automatic transmission
  • Drive8x6x8 / 8x8x8 *

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