Sany SAC1800C

Sany SAC1800C is a 180-tonne rated capacity all-terrain crane manufactured in China and it is the successor model to Sany SAC1800.

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Product Description


  • Max. Lifting Capacity: 180t
  • The length of Full Extend Boom + Jib: 105m
  • Rated power:390kW/1800rpm
  • Full Extension/retraction Time of Boom: 550s/550s

Excellent and Stable Chassis Performance

The use of innovative 5-axle chassis design and multi braking modes provide more reliable traveling performance for chassis. With tipping early-warning technology, highly stable overall operation and safety can be achieved.

Ultra Strong, Super Long and Sensitive Lifting Performance

It leads the industry with longest boom length of 97m and lifting height of 97.5m. Max. lifting capacity of 180t ensures the super strong lifting capacity. 0°~ 40°automatically infinite variable luffing jib is applied to ensure conveniently switching over between all operating conditions with high operation efficiency.


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