Tadano AR4000M

Starting from the mid-1990s, German-made all terrain cranes grew popularity in Japan due to their performance and mobility, both on and off road. Tadano responded to the market by introducing AR-4000M into the market in 1998, alongside with Japan’s largest all-terrain crane, AR-5500M. The 400-ton capacity crane comes with a five-section 51.2-meter main boom and equipped with Tadano’s Easy Sky Pin which allows extension of the boom using a single hydraulic cylinder and fixing it in position by pinning.


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thumbnail of AR4000M_spec_mt_ja_fj
Metric, JA (Fixed Jib)
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Metric, JA (Luffing Jib)
thumbnail of AR4000M_spec_mt_ja_mb
Metric, JA (Main Boom)

Product Description


Technical Specifications

  • Max. Lifting Capacity: 400t x 3.0m
  • Max. Lifting Height: 51.0m (Main Boom), 88.0m (Full Auto Luffing Jib), 118.0m (Luffing Jib)
  • Max. Working Radius: 48.0m (Main Boom), 70.0m (Full Auto Luffing Jib), 95.0m (Luffing Jib)
  • Boom Length: 14.4 – 51.2m
  • Full Auto Luffing Jib Length: 11.1 – 35.1m
  • Luffing Jib Length: 18.0 – 72.0m
  • Carrier Engine: Benz OM442LA (405 kW)
  • Crane Engine: Nissan RF804 (198 kW)
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