Kato NK-600RX Hydraulic Truck Crane

NK-600RX is a 60-tonne lifting capacity truck crane which is manufactured by Kato Works (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The truck crane chassis is completely designed and manufactured by Kato while adopting Hino Euro 3 equivalent engine and transmission.

For the crane, both left and right-hand drive are available.

The 60-tonne truck crane has a 5-section main boom up to 43 meters and a 2-section fly jib is available for optimum lifting work.

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*Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for reference only. Contact the crane manufacturer for manuals to operate the crane properly.

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Product Description


  • Boom type: 5-section, hydraulically telescopic type
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 60 t×2.7 m
  • Boom length: 11.0 m – 43.0 m
  • Boom derricking angle: -2.5° – 81°
  • Maximum lifting height: 43.0m


  • Jib type: 2-section(2nd section of draw-out type)
  • Jib length: 9.2 m , 15.0 m
  • Jib offset angle: 5°, 25°,45°
  • Maximum lifting height: 58.0 m

KATO Original Chassis Provides Mobility and Stability.

  • 4-axle chassis is specially developed for the truck crane.

Reliable and High-Performance HINO Engine and Transmission


  • Model: HINO E13C-YY (equivalent to EURO 3)
  • Piston displacement: 12.913L
    Max. power: 302kW/1,800min-1
    Max. torque: 1,863N・m/1,100min-1


  • Model: HINO HX06
  • Number of speed: 6 forward & 1 reverse

Roomy and Comfortable Carrier Cabin

  • Wide view cabin enhances safer driving.
  • Both left-hand and right-hand steering is available.
  • Seat suspension reduces diver’s fatigue.
  • Adopt projector-type front lamps.

Latest ACS (Automatic Crane System) for Safe Operation

  • Adopt touch panel type color display. Easy to monitor and easy to operate.
  • Load factor limiting function keeps a bigger safe margin.
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Crane Operation Data Logger K・COR (Option)

  • The K・COR (Kato Crane Operation Recorder) helps safety management by recording the crane operation data and providing the reports.

Wide Variety of Optional Equipment

  • Winch view camera & monitor, Winch drum mirror, Yellow rev light, Cab, heater, Cab cooler, Fan, Roof visor, Sub hook sheave for 60t, Outrigger sheet, K・COR (KATO Crane Operation Recorder).


The first unit of NK-600RX manufactured in Thailand has been delivered to Kato’s distributor in Philippines – Sunstate Machinery  Corporation. This marks the first NK-600RX to appear in Philipines and they have been the first in the world to receive this crane.

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