Tadano GR1000N-1

GR1000N-1 (CREVO 1000 G4) is a 100 ton metric manufactured by Tadano for Japan domestic market on 18th September 2018. It is so far largest rough terrain crane produced for Japan market. It is a coined word consisting of CRANE + EVOLUTION. CREVO G4 (Crevo G4) started with the release of CREVO 700 G4 and CREVO 250 G4 in October 2016, CREVO 160 G4 in March 2017, CREVO mini G4 in December 2017, and this time CREVO 1000 G4 is series 5 It will be the release of the model.

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Product Description

Product name

CREVO 1000 G4 [Model: GR-1000N]


Maximum lifting load 100t

Development concept

In order to embody our core value “safety, quality and efficiency”, various new functions that we have been researching and developing will be integrated into a rough terrain crane and brought to fruition as “Generation 4 (G4)” that will open up the era.

Furthermore, in developing the largest rough terrain crane in Japan that can run on public roads, it is equipped with an all-terrain crane and the mechanism cultivated in large overseas models, and it is safe with advanced support functions even when driving.

Main Features

Birth of Japan’s largest new rough terrain crane

Developed Japan’s largest 100t suspended rough terrain crane that can travel on public roads.

Up to now, 70t suspension was the maximum for our rough terrain crane, but it greatly surpasses it, maximum lifting load: 100t, maximum ground lift: 48.7m (boom) / 66.3m (jib), and maximum working radius: 44.0. Achieved m (boom) / 56.0m (jib).Moreover, the carrier is a compact size of 70t class.

The “single telescopic cylinder” and “Smart Chart”, which are the first to be adopted in domestic rough terrain cranes , and the self-removable type, have realised such a high lift and a wide work area . It is a counterweight and is equipped with advanced technology that maximises crane performance. This is a telescopic system in which built-in hydraulic cylinder slides inside the boom, and each stage is connected by a boom fixing pin and sent out in sequence. outriggers are fully extended, the crane’s capacity can be maximised with a mechanism that further brings out the performance.

Rough terrain crane’s first set up radio control (Common features of the CREVO G4 series)

A new “setup radio control” has been adopted that enables safe and efficient work preparation and storage work while checking the surrounding conditions (Note). By operating the radio control at hand, you can install and store 4 aluminium floor plates, slide outriggers, install and store jacks, and install and stow jib.

(Note) The crane operations that can be performed with the setup radio control are only the installation/storage of aluminium floor plates, the extension/storage of outriggers, and the installation/storage of jib, and cannot be used for crane work.

Newly Developed Cabin

The cabin design and equipment have been redesigned to greatly improve work efficiency, operability, and visibility.

The newly adopted large multifunction display has a 10.4-inch colour touch panel that integrates crane work information and various operation setting functions to improve work efficiency. Furthermore, by adopting a pressure-sensitive touch panel, it can be operated even with gloves on.

In addition, an electric operation system is used for the operation lever. Achieves operability with an unprecedented fit. The operation speed of turning, boom undulation, and tilt jib can be set in 5 stages each, making it possible to operate according to the operator’s feeling. In addition, the shape and height of the instrument panel and the angle of the glass surface have been improved to improve visibility from the driver’s seat.

Tadano View System (Note) assists safe driving (Common features of CREVO G4 series)

Equipped with Japan’s first bird’s-eye view image display device “Wide Sight View” in the crane industry. A large colour display displays an image of the crane as seen from above, supporting the understanding of the surrounding conditions and safety confirmation. In addition, the world’s first human alert system in the crane industry, the “Human Alert System,” detects pedestrians on the left side of the vehicle and people riding bicycles, which are difficult to see from the driver’s seat, and notifies them with a buzzer. ..
(Note) The Tadano View System is a driving support system that assists the driver in safe driving with various functions, but it may not function sufficiently due to the external environment such as bad weather or at night.

Environmentally friendly (Common features of the CREVO G4 series)

Equipped with environmentally friendly “fuel consumption monitor (Note 1) ” and “eco mode (Note 2) ” functions. We support work efficiency and environment-friendly operations such as reduction of CO 2 emissions, improvement of fuel consumption, and low noise work.
In addition, it is equipped with an engine that complies with the 2014 exhaust gas regulations for diesel special vehicles and has also been designated as a low-noise construction machine.
(Note 1) This function constantly displays fuel consumption information during crane work and travel.
(Note 2) This function reduces fuel consumption by limiting the maximum engine speed.

Equipped with telematics Web information service “HELLO-NET” (Common features of CREVO G4 series)

Obtain the operating status of the crane by mobile/satellite communication, check the location information by GPS, and provide information for maintenance management on the website. I will support you. We will share information on the products used with our customers and provide advanced support services.

Smartphone compatible application “HELLO-DATA LINK” (First adopted from this product)

Connect the crane body and mobile terminal with wireless LAN and check real-time information such as crane operation information, indicator information, error code, etc. outside the cabin. It is possible. It greatly contributes to the efficiency of after-sales service.

Specifications GR-1000N
Max. Lifting Capacity 100t×1.6m(Smart Chart1, front)
5.0t(Single Top)
Max. Lifting Height Boom 48.7m
Jib 66.3m
Max. Working Radius Boom 44.0m(Smart Chart1, with counterweight)
38.0m(Standard, without counterweight)
Jib 56.0m(Smart Chart1, with counterweight)
44.0m(Standard, without counterweight)
Boom Length 10.2m ~ 48.0m
Jib Length 8.4m ~ 17.7m(Full auto jib)
Carrier Specification GR-1000N
Engine Model Cummins QSL9-4B
Max. Rated Output 283kW {385PS} / 1,900min-1{rpm}
Max. Rated Torque 1,627Nm {166kgf-m} / 1,500min-1{rpm}
Overall Length 13,240mm
Overall Width 2,780mm
Overall Height 3,750mm
Overall Weight 41,295kg


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