Tadano GR1300XL-4

Tadano has announced a new 118 tonne/130 ton two axle North American Rough Terrain crane in March 2021  – the GR-1300XL-4 – which fits between the current 120 tonne two axle GR-1200XL and the 160 tonne three axle GR 1600 XL.

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Product Description

The new crane features a six section 56 metre pinned main boom which is said to be the longest boom on any Rough Terrain crane in this class. The boom is topped by a 10.3 to 18 metre bi-fold swingaway extension which offsets from five to 40 degrees and offers an on board tip height of 76 metres. Tadano’s ‘Smart Chart’ with variable asymmetrical outrigger set up and automatic monitoring is standard. The crane has an overall travel width of 3.3 metres with an overall length of 14.7 metres, while the 19.8 tonne counterweight can be self-installed or removed. The all up overall weight is 71.7 tonnes.

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