Grove GHC140

The GHC140 delivers heavy-duty lifting power and exceptional mid-range and maximum reach with a boom length of 12 3 m – 52 1 m (40 ft 5 in – 171 ft).

Assembly of the GHC140 telescopic crawler crane is fast and simple. The crane is fully self-rigging and features frame mounted jacks for track installation and hydraulically installed counterweights.

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The GHC140 is Manitowoc’s latest model in its Grove Hydraulic Crawler line and is the biggest one yet. The crane features improved load capacities that enable users to complete heavier lifts with the same maneuverability as the smaller models. Manitowoc has officially launched for North America its biggest Grove Hydraulic Crawler (GHC) crane, the new GHC140. It’s the latest in a long line of telescoping crawler cranes with enhanced features and best-in-class load charts. “The Grove GHC line has grown in popularity over the years due to its reliability on the job site and best-in-class features,” said JJ Grace, Manitowoc’s product manager for GHC cranes. “This latest model stems from discussions with customers who liked using our telescopic crawler cranes but needed improved load charts.” This new model features a 52.1 m (171 ft) six-section, pinned boom with a maximum capacity of 127 t (140USt). When configured with the 15 m (49.3 ft) offsettable bi-fold swing away, it has a maximum tip height of 70 m (229.7 ft). Introducing new 1.5° load charts, the GHC140 offers the ability to pick-and-carry at 100 percent of its load chart on inclinations up to 4°, and it can swing loads a full 360°. Companies with applications in utility work, alternative energy applications, tunnel construction, barge work and storage tank construction will find the crane especially useful, as it fits easily onto a variety of job sites. With its pin telescoping boom, operators can easily handle a variety of lifts at various radii. This enables users to reach greater heights than they could previously with other GHC models. The GHC140’s crawler tracks easily navigate tough job site conditions, such as swampy or mountainous terrain, with its 57% grade-ability track rating. The undercarriage is driven by powerful, two-speed hydrostatic drive motors that provide best-in-class mobility. The track side frames can be hydraulically extended and retracted, providing three track spans with lifting capabilities at each span. This provides added versatility to find the best combination of crane width and lifting capacity. Additionally, the GHC140 can be transported to a job site in as little as four loads. Once it reaches the job site, it features a self-assembly counterweight and an undercarriage frame with jacks for easy self-assembly of the crawlers. In-cab amenities include a large, air suspension heated seat; a climate control system for added comfort; a 178mm (7 in) screen for viewing the hoist, rear and right side camera feeds; an intuitive graphical RCL system; and precise, electronic load-sensing joystick controls. A 20-degree tilting cab is another added benefit, providing added comfort when doing high-boom angle work. The crane can be outfitted with one of two engine options: a 173 hp Cummins QSB 4.5 L Tier 4 Final or a 160 hp Tier 3 model. Both engines provide strong and reliable power, and they meet all current EPA requirements. ECO and Auto Idle modes help maximise fuel efficiency, and the engine compartment is fitted with sound foam insulation to lessen engine noise and improve communication on the job site.

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