Demag AC140 Compact

Terex AC140 Compact is one of the most compact cranes in the 140-tonne capacity class. It offers high performance in a wider range of application than other comparable all terrain cranes. One of the advantages that AC140 Compact provides is the lifting of heavy loads in confined areas. With a length of 11.2 metres and width of 2.7 metres, it is narrower than any other cranes in its class and able to access to sites which other five-axles cranes cannot fit into.

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The crane comes with three outrigger settings at 4.5, 5.3 and 7.0 metres, combined with a maximum lifting capacity of 69.4 tonnes at 7 metres radius. This makes it possible to access tight spaces and perform heavy lift usually 160 tonnes capacity class cranes being used.

One of the other advantages is AC140 Compact is built to carry more counterweight onboard but within the 12-tonne axle load limitations and only requires one extra transport vehicles instead of two. Not only it reduces transport cost, but also make the crane more conveniently economical to operate.



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