Gottwald AMK400-93

Gottwald AMK400-93 is a 400 tonne rated capacity telescopic mobile crane. A total of four units of AMK400-93 has been built only in the world.

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The first unit was manufactured in 1982 for German crane company Riga Mainz and subsequently sold to Cologne-based crane company Colonia after their purchase of AMK1000-103 in 1985. The crane was then sold to Argentina-based Tecmaco which did a design upgrade to AMK500-93, which the lifting capacity can reach a medium to the larger range after installing with a suitable reinforced lifting boom.

The second unit was also manufactured in 1982, but for UK-based Hewden. The crane was sold to Taiwan-based Long Hu Lifting Company and Gottwald has designed the main boom transporter, AMK400-73TR which includes a lifter for the main boom and is able to operate regardless of the uneven terrain.

The third unit was manufactured in 1983 for Toense Kranverleih GmbH and was sold to Interlift/ Al Jaber in 1988. The crane was moved to England and subsequently to the United Arab Emirates. in 1994, the crane was sold to Saudi Arabia Al Mojil.

The fourth and the last unit was manufactured in 1984 for Al Jaber which includes additional coolers for the desert environment. The crane was once imported to Germany and worked three months under Bracht (although it was re-painted in Bracht colours, the crane still belong to Al Jaber). It went to England for a lifting job and subsequently back to Al Jaber again.

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