Sany SAC24000T

The SAC24000T all-terrain crane has a maximum wind power lifting weight of 270t, a wind power maximum lifting height of 172m, and a counterweight of 270t. The whole vehicle is powered by twin engines, getting on Mercedes-Benz 360KW, getting off: Weichai 485KW, the axle adopts KESSLER heavy-duty axle, equipped with heavy-duty Bridgestone 505 heavy-duty tires, and the gearbox is ZE12 automatic manual.

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It has a unique double winch configuration in the industry, which can hoist a rated load of 270t to a height of 100 meters, and the maintenance of the fan will not trap the rope. Eight-bridge drive, three heavy-duty transition modes. The disassembly and assembly efficiency is high, and the car assembly can be completed within 10 hours after the first entry. There is also variable super-lifting mast technology, which effectively solves the problem that the super-lifting has a large turning radius and is easy to touch the tower and blades.

Sany SAC24000T



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