Terex Explorer 5600

The newest member of the Explorer family of all-terrain cranes, the Terex Explorer 5600, made its world debut at CONEXPO 2014. Like its bigger sibling introduced at BAUMA 2013, this all-terrain crane was designed with performance and road-ability in mind.

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Explorer 5600 is the newest crane from the Explorer all terrain crane family. It resembles the bigger brother of the Explorer 5800, using the same family concept with similar features. The 160 tonnes (180 US ton) five-axle crane was specially designed for road-ability. The boom extends only 1.4 metres (3.9 ft) over the front and an optional boom-off solution or dolly helps the crane to meet with stringent road standards. The 160 tonnes crane also has an automatic counterweight rigging system that enables the crane to be ready easier for work. It also has varies axle load configurations of 9.1,  12 and 16.5 tonnes.

Featuring all-wheel steering, a five-axle carrier with a length of 12.6 meters and a width of 2.75 meters, the Explorer 5600 crane is configured with a 10 x 8 x 10 drive configuration and a 68-meter-long, seven-section boom. Alternatively, configurations with a removable boom, as well as with a transportation dolly, are available for the US, Canadian, Norwegian, Australian, and Japanese markets.

The Explorer 5600 is designed in such a way that its 46-tonne counterweight can be mounted automatically. All additional equipment has a maximum width of 2.5 meters, providing efficient transportation. When the crane is configured with a 16.5-tonne axle load, it has a 21-meter-long, two-section main boom extension on board. The outrigger system has four different available positions and a maximum width of 7.5 meters, providing outstanding flexibility.

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Strongest In Its Class

While compact in size, the Terex Explorer 5600 did not compromise on productivity. The five-axle seven-section 68 metres main boom and 21 metres bi-fold swing away with a 12 metes jib insert offers a maximum lifting height of 94.6 metres. Explorer 5600 provides one of the strongest lift charts over the entire working range in this capacity class.

Single Engine Concept

Like the previous Explorer family member, Explorer 5600 uses a single 405/265 kW Euro Tier 4 compliant diesel engine that will be used to drive the chassis and the superstructure. Equipped with a power management system that provides the best performance and efficiency for all load cycles to offer power when required and fuel economy when operating the superstructure. This aids in the reduction of maintenance of the number of components and maintenance points are also positioned in a centralised area to reduce service time as well.

Together with wireless remote control, the latest version of the Terex IC-1 touchscreen control system offers safety and efficiency during crane setup and operation. The control system provides operators with accurate and precise load moment and wind speed readings. In addition, the crane is easy to operate even under extremely challenging operating conditions. The system features 14 pre-programmed languages for ease of operation around the world.

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Blüggel Krane takes first Explorer 5600 in Germany

Eslohe-base crane service provider Blüggel Krane has taken delivery of the first Explorer 5600 in Germany in 2015.

Its first job was to lift a 17-tonne bridge, measuring 29 metres in length, onto a heavy haulage vehicle at an approximate radius of 20 metres. Once the bridge is transported to the new location, the crane is again used to lift and set it down on top of the concrete piles.

Company owner Friedrich Bluggel commented that one of the main reasons for the purchase of Explorer 5600 was because it could work in tight space, especially for the case of this particular project. The 160 tonnes all terrain has a width of only 2.75 metres, which was as compact as AC120 but delivering much greater performance.

Southern Cranes & Access takes first Explorer 5600 in the UK

UK-based crane rental company Southern Cranes and Access has also taken delivery of the first unit of Explorer 5600 in the UK in the same year. The new crane – along with three other Explorer 5600s destined for ABA Crane Hire, King Lifting and Sangwin Crane Hire was on Terex UK customer open day held on 21 January 2015.

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