Sany SCC8100

The SANY SCC8100 is a hydraulic crawler crane with a lift capacity of 110 US ton, and the main boom that reaches 66m (219 ft). This SANY crawler also has a fixed jib that extends to 18m (59 ft.). The crane comes with Series 2 counterweights weighing in at 185,188 lbs.

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The SCC8100 has a Cummins QSC8.3 engine built in, which puts out 245hp @ 2000rpm with a fuel tank that holds 105 gal (400L). The crane is also equipped with Rexroth hydraulic components that deliver high reliability and consistent performance. Independently driven, the main and auxiliary drum rotation is operated by control handles located inside the operator’s cab. A rotary hydraulic driven motor provides 360° rotation. For safety, the crane has swing and free swing lock functions. The crawler use hydraulic tensioning jacks to adjust the tension of the track and add adjusting shims to hold adjustment.

The SANY SCC8100 comes with a sliding-door cab with large area windows, near and far beam head lamps, and rear-view mirrors allow for high visibility. SANY designs and manufactures its electrical and intelligence systems to control quality, efficiency, and performance. A combination of instruments, engine torque limiter, and remote control terminal apply CANBUS technology for data communication that display machine parameters.

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For safety, the crane has a tri-color warning system to warn operator and will flash and intermittent an alarm when the crane exceeds its loading limit. In case of emergency, there is a emergency button to switch off the engine and stop all operations.

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