Tadano GR900EX-4

The GR-900EX-4 has the same 47 metre boom and extension as the GR700EX-4 but features a 9.1 tonne two position ‘Smart Counterweight’ that can be easily removed or installed by the crane itself. Ir can also be extended rearwards by dropping in onto a chassis mount frame lifting it to the rear position on the frame and slewing round and reinstalling it. The 900EX can handle one tonne at a radius of 40 metres with the counterweight in the forward position and 1.2 tonnes in the rear or extended position.

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Product Description

Spec No.:

  • GR-900E-4-00101 – 47m boom , 17.7m jib , Removable counterweight , ECE-R96-02(EM3A level)


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