Liebherr LTM 1230-5.1

The LTM 1230-5.1 delivers an extremely long telescopic boom and sets new standards in terms of lifting capacity. In addition to a multi-functional folding jib, a 43 m fixed jib is also available. The Liebherr innovations VarioBase®, VarioBallast, ECOmode and ECOdrive mean that crane operators can use the new LTM 1230-5.1 with even more safety and efficiency.

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The new five-axle crane features an eight-section 75-metre main boom and an 11.5 to 20-metre bi-fold swing away extension that can be hydraulically offset by up to 40 degrees. Up to three seven-metre inserts can be added between the boom nose and swing away to give a maximum tip height of 113 metres )with the main boom extended to 68 metres). Further extension options/combinations are possible for a maximum tip of 116 metres with all of the extension luffing.

This single-engine crane features ECOmode and ECOdrive systems and can travel with up to 22 tonnes of its 72 tonnes maximum counterweight.



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