Tadano ATF-120-5.1

Owing to a new 60 m main boom, the ATF‑120‑5.1 is consistently the most powerful crane of its class for radiuses between 16 m and 56 m. It is also allowed to carry a lot on the way: with a 12-t axle load, 9.2 t counterweight plus slings may be taken along in addition to the 17.9 m jib with integrated heavy-duty jib.

The generous ATF‑120‑5.1 is the only five-axle crane of its class allowed to travel on public roads with an axle load below 10 t or rather even 48 t total weight. With a 24 t counterweight, it remains lean at 2.75 m; and with 35.4 t ballast, the ATF‑120‑5.1 still has a slewing radius of only 4 m.

Owing to the fact that the crane has the same superstructure as the ATF‑100‑4.1, the jibs (3.7 m to 31.9 m) and counterweights within the vehicle width can be used on either of the two cranes. Thanks to a hydraulic folding device, a single person can fold the jib transported next to the main boom and pin it via a crank handle from the ground.

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