Demag AC300/6 (80m)

Demag is certainly trying to catch up with other German manufacturers with the introduction of a new Demag AC300/6 on six axles with an 80-meter main boom. (Note that this is a totally different unit from its previous model, AC300/6 with 64m boom)

thumbnail of demag-ac300-6-imperial-preliminary-2017
Imperial, EN (Preliminary, Fixed Jib only)
thumbnail of demag-ac300-6-metric-preliminary-2017
Metric, EN (Preliminary, Fixed Jib only)
thumbnail of AC300-6_spec_lb_en_v2019
Imperial, EN (Luffing Jib)
thumbnail of AC300-6_spec_mt_en_v2019
Metric, EN (Luffing Jib)

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The 300-tonne mobile crane’s main boom can work at a height of up to 78m or 74m radius. One of the targeted applications will be for tower crane erection, which with its fully extended boom, it can still lift a load of 15 tonnes.

In addition, Demag AC300/6 is the smallest in is Demag range to have a luffing jib configuration, with a maximum system length to 118m. It was designed to have the same luffing jib rigging system as the larger AC350/6 and AC1000/9.

Another similarity to the AC1000/9, it uses the single-engine concept. This includes the start-stop system to minimize idling time, improving fuel consumption and reduce the number of engine hours for better resale value.

It has also been equipped with Demag’s latest IC-1 Plus control system to allow asymmetric outrigger positioning.

Apart from that, one of the greatest advantages will be the reduction in spare parts inventory for some of the existing Demag crane owners. The new 300-tonne mobile crane shares the same parts with Demag five axles family. Furthermore, the 21 m double folding main boom extension from the five-axle family is compatible with the new Demag AC300/6, hence improving cost savings for owners with existing Demag Cranes.

The carrier is 3m wide and 15.3m long. Axle load limits can be met from less than 12 tonnes up to 16 tonnes. An extra payload capacity of 800 kg is also available for carrying lifting accessories on board.

Looking at the specifications of this crane, it includes the advantages of both Grove GMK6300L and Liebherr LTM1300-6.2. The competition will be stiff in the near future.